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How to choose pantyhose

Men more often pay attention to ladies legs, than her personality or ability to cook. That’s why its not a surprise, that the spending ability on hosiery, which is a strong weapon of flirtation, consist of rather large part of what woman spends on herself. There are different types of hosiery that varies among themselves by manufacturer, type, color, characteristic and price. And sometimes its very hard to choose a right product and avoid imitation. To look gorgeous in the eyes of men its important to choose the right product, which also will depend on longevity and comfort of hosiery.
The most important factors to verify the correct size for pantyhose are height, weight and the extent of thighs. Size charting is: S-small, M-medium, L-large, XL-extra large. Keep in mind that different manufacturers could have a different charting system, so please read the package label. To find out the correct size, first you should find your height in the vertical column and then your weight in a horizontal column. And in
intersection you will find your correct size. If you have long, short, skinny or large lags make a needed correction. If you not sure, choose a one size larger. Avoid choosing one size fits all hosiery.
The times of cotton or wool pantyhose are long gone. Cotton and wool wear off faster and loose their original condition fast. Basic material for manufacturing pantyhose is nylon with different supplements. Mostly all pantyhose consist of lycra or spandex. Pantyhose with lycra beautifully hug your legs, will not wrinkle, soft and stretchy, won’t
obstruct your movements and have a massaging effect. The maximum percentage of lycra in pantyhose is 30%. If on the packaging says 3-5% this is mean that lycra present only in a waistline. These pantyhose will fit loosely. Sheer pantyhose have about 10% of
lycra, semi sheer pantyhose have about 20% of lycra. The more lycra the pantyhose have, the more expensive they are. Recently, a new pantyhose with "lycra 3D" came on the market. With this unique technology even the sheerest pantyhose are highly elastic. And of course they cost a lot more. In winter time you might want to choose a pantyhose with supplement with cotton or wool, but necessary with lycra, otherwise
they will wrinkle in the knees and ankles. As Frenchman say: “ woman could have wrinkles on the face, but not on the pantyhose”.
Lately, a new product becomes more and more popular. These new pantyhose with microfiber. Microfiber – is an elastic thread, consistent of thinner fibers- the more fibers in the thread, the more softer and silk like to the touch. Plus, the hygroscopic substances
are as good as natural ones. But of course, the price is higher.
Inexpensive pantyhose are those that made with acrylic – artificial wool. They are soft, warm and good to wear during winter time. Although, they look cheap and become worn fast. These pantyhose are better to wear under pants, but not skirts.


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How to Get a Proper Fitting in Women's Indian Apparel

Many a times while surfing through a web store, particular Indian apparel catches your attention and would like to have it but with few changes. In the fashion parlance it is called customized especially proper fitted for you.
A proper fitting is very important in any apparel. An apparel fitting actually very important for any person to look perfect. Most of the Indian apparels are custom made and its must that the measurements taken should be exact. But there are some doubts about taking measurements so as to get a proper fitting women’s Indian apparel.
But if the dimensions are noted correctly you can get a proper fitting women’s Indian apparel. Unlike western wear, Indian apparels beauty lies in its fitting to a great extent, you may possess the finest women Indian apparel but the fitting is not proper it will loose all its uniqueness. Hence How to get a proper fitting women’s Indian apparel the secret lies in taking right measurement.
It is advisable to have some measure you for getting proper fitting women’s Indian. Here are the tips and tricks on how to get the measurements for proper fitting.
How To Measure
Don’t take measurements yourself! It is recommended that you have someone help you.
While measuring pay attention to these tips: Wear your normal under garments a good fitting brassier, your bare feet, with your normal posture. Put on a necklace to find the base of your neck at the back.
Locating the correct waistline is the main problem area of measuring problems. The waistline should be located where your body creases when you bend over slightly forward or where you like to wear your waistbands. Comfortably some like it high some wear it low
Measure the head tape around the brows
Measure around the fullest part of the breast and ensure that you are wearing brassier of good fit Also lean forward and let your friend fasten the brassier this way the breast falls in proper shape enhancing the fit Keep the measuring parallel to the floor
Measure around the natural waistline bend on to one side to check your natural waistline
Measure around the buttocks 8” below the waist legs slightly apart
Measure from the nape of the neck (for back)
Measure from center of shoulder (for front)
Measure from waistline to required length. Here it is important to keep allowance incase you wear high heeled footwear
Points to keep in mind while taking Fitting:
1. Measure bust waist hips in correct way and keep noting the dimensions
2. Choose the Indian Apparel to be fitted wear it sit on a chair and check the areas where fitting is required
3. Wear the Indian Apparel and move you arms up to se if there is any pull and also hug yourself to check the armhole fitting
4. If in family way go in for a slightly looser fit so that the Indian Apparel can be used in future Months as well
5. Try and have measurements taken by someone else and measure on a body with undergarments only
6. Incase of trousers measure the inseam of a trouser that fits u best measure from crotch seam to the hemline
This is the way to Perfect fitting Indian Apparel.
Knowing the importance of measurements, lots of online apparel stores are coming up with tailor made apparels and providing lot of information on how to exactly take the measurements. is also one of such online store which also offers the custom made Indian apparel. The site also helps u in taking proper measurements and perfect fitting. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Utsav Sarees, the most dedicated and professional company into retail, wholesale, manufacture and export of appealing and exemplary Indian Sarees, Salwar kameez and lehenga cholis.

Shoes - A Fashion Statement For All

In today's fashion world shoes have to be more versatile than ever. Unless you stay home all the time, it's likely that you have to wear shoes of some sort every day. The designers of the fashion world have responded with shoes for every occasion; even for those that don't like to wear shoes.
In the world of business shoes that won't blister your feet are very important. Many women that walk any distance bring tennis shoes for the walk and change into dress shoes once they arrive at their place of employment. When they do make that change, it's not often that you'll see them change into any type of high heel. It's certainly not like it used to be when all women would be in the high heeled shoes. Today's business world will see women wearing lower and fatter heels in order to protect their feet.
If attending an event such as a wedding or other banquet type party, the high heeled shoes make a grand return. Most women will wear them to complement their dresses. They will either match or contrast with the dress that they have chosen to wear.
Tennis shoes are a favorite when doing things like gardening, shopping, cleaning the house, etcetera. These shoes provide comfort and protection to the feet. If a woman is working in the yard or playing a game the tennis shoes will protect her feet while keeping them comfortable. If she is spending the day shopping tennis shoes will make her day easier on her at the end when she's walked for many hours.
Sandals are the shoes of summer. Nicely pedicured feet are just waiting to show off in those shoes that are nothing much more than padding and straps. Toes are painted a variety of colors which adorn the clothing and style choices.
In complete contrast boots of all sizes make a statement during the cold winter months. Boots that are tall can be worn with mid-length skirts to show off the style of the boot. Recently those that prefer cowboy boots are beginning to wear their jeans inside the boots. Again, this shows off the style of the boot.
Short boots can also make a statement. A shorter boot can be worn with a longer skirt. This combination can make a stylish statement just as much as the opposite. Shorter boots can be worn with slacks in the business place. Those that work in the city and choose to switch between tennis shoes and boots will have an easier time switching with short boots rather than long boots.
Shoes are the defining piece that creates a style. They make a statement and add function to fashion. They can make your feet feel like their floating in the clouds or they can put a punch line on a flashy number. Style is defined by every piece of the outfit including the shoes.
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Looking Fabulous - With Accessories!

Many women seem to have a "thing" for shoes, designer handbags, fancy scarves and high-end fashion jewelry. However, many women do not realize the powerful weaponry they have in their arsenal with these fashion accessories. Most women either buy pieces to go with a single outfit or to be a slave to a seasonal fashion trend. They rarely consider how the fashion accessory complements their appearance, whether it will go with other items in their wardrobe collection, how many uses they'll gain from the item and how many different ways they can wear the item.

My goal is to help you understand the important role your fashion accessories play in creating your "look" and how you can easily set yourself apart to emphasize your uniqueness. Yes, you heard me right – accessories are meant to play up on your individuality and uniqueness, which is, if we admit it or not, our true yearning as a woman. We want to be different and unique. Accessories can help you achieve this by bringing attention to your face, hiding those flaws you want to hide, or just making a statement about your individuality without your having to say a word.

Let's look at fashion accessories that you can easily play up on and create playful variances with:

A neckerchief scarf can be worn as a:

• Headband

• Neck scarf with a collared shirt, V-neck, round neck T-shirt

• Bracelet by wrapping around multiple times and creating a cuff-type bracelet

• Tied around a plain handbag strap to add a splash of color and flair

A long rectangular or wider square scarf can be worn as a:

• Belt

• Neck scarf loosely draped as a shawl, a wrap or with various types of knots

• Top in summer

• Skirt on the beach

A brooch can be worn as:

• On the front of your pair of favorite jeans or chinos

• At the bottom of a long or short strand of pearls as a pendant, or clipped off-center on a double-stranded set

• An addition to a scarf where it overlaps

• A decoration to an evening bag

• A cluster at the lapel or shoulder of a denim jacket

• At the bottom of a V-neck

A necklace can be worn as:

• Part of a number of layered necklaces with varied lengths

• A belt if a longer necklace.

• A bracelet with multiple wrappings around the wrist

• A basis of creating a new look with a brooch

Fashion accessories are such a powerful arsenal in creating your own unique style. Start looking at each accessory you have as to how to can create different variations. Also, when purchasing new accessories, concern yourself with how many different ways you'll be able to wear the accessory and whether the item or items will complement other wardrobe items you already own. Don't become a slave to the seasonal must-have's. Please also keep these five things in mind, when playing with your new look:

1 It's okay to mix silver and gold.

2. Focus on one key accessory, such as a necklace or handbag, and keep the other accessories light.

3. Stay within a certain color family when accessorizing.

4. Your handbag color and shoe color can be different colors.

5. Most importantly – keep it simple, chic and feminine.

Adorn your uniqueness – look fabulous with fashion accessories!

Copyright (c) 2007 MMC Lifestyles, LLC, dba MMC Style

Marion Chamberlain is founder of MMC Style an Internet store for European fashion accessories sourced from unique and highly-talented small design shops in Europe. The online store offers high-quality European fashion jewelry and leather handbags to those women who want to be unique. MMC Style European fashion accessories are truly unique and can't be found in department or chain stores.

15 Daily Feminist Activities

You’re busy. You’re broke. How do you make positive social change without having to dole out big bucks and loads of energy? Here are 15 feminist activities you can incorporate into your daily life to solve that dilemma.
1. Leave copies of feminist publications everywhere. Leave behind old issues of Ms., Girlistic and local women’s papers in ObGYN waiting rooms and dental offices. “Forget” articles in the copy machine at work. Latent feminists are everywhere – you never know who might find your little treasures and feel a sense of anonymous camaraderie and support.
2. Use feminine pronouns as generic pronouns, especially when talking about male-dominated professions or industries. It’s surprising how noticeable it is when you use “she” or “her” as a generic. People hear it and take note.
3 & 4. Patronize women-owned businesses, especially when they’re local. Women own 48% of all businesses nation-wide, and that number is growing. Yet in the largest companies, women fill only 10% of the positions of power. So, support us where it counts - when we’re in a position to give ourselves equal pay. Avoid businesses that don’t support women. Wal-Mart has a horrendous record of treating female employees badly. Carl’s Jr. has incredibly sexist and degrading commercials. Businesses that clearly don’t have your interests at heart don’t need your money.
5. Attend events like Take Back The Night, Vagina Monologue showings, women’s sporting events, and women’s music festivals. Events like these are empowering and exciting, and adding your body to the crowd not only helps boost feminist moral but also reenergizes your activist batteries.
6. Visit feminist websites and blogs. The more you visit feminist websites, the more hits they have under their belts. The more hits they have, the more advertisers are willing to pay to be placed on the site. The more advertisers are willing to pay, the more funds those websites have at their disposal to put to work towards feminist goals. Plus, you learn a thing or two while you’re surfing.
7. Sign up for action alerts from websites like Feminist Majority Foundation, NOW, and Amnesty International. They email you alerts for new actions and in about 30 seconds you can send a letter to political leaders on pertinent issues.
8. Check out feminist books from local libraries. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to read them. Just checking them out shows an interest in the subject and the library will continue to shelve the books, and may grow their feminist resources if they see enough demand. Also, request books they don’t carry. They might be able to stock them later on.
9 & 10. Buy gender-neutral toys and clothes for baby showers and birthdays. If you have to buy something, this is an easy way to slow the perpetuation of gender stereotypes, especially when it comes to educational toys.
Buy stamps. When you choose your stamps, choose the breast cancer stamps, the stop family violence stamps, or stamps that feature females. Not only do your dollars make a difference but when you send out your mail, those stamps pass through a lot of hands and are noticed by a surprisingly large number of people.
11. Pass along feminist books. It’s tough to let go of a good book, but someone else may be aching to read it and not even know it yet. If you come across someone who can use your copy of Women Who Run With Wolves, don’t be afraid to lend it, or even give it, to someone who will appreciate it and who can then spread along the good word as well.
12. Add information to forms. When filling out a form that asks “M” or “F”, add in other options such as “Intersex,” reminding people that sex is not black and white. If the form is asking about your sex, but it states “gender,” cross out “M” and “F” and put “masculine,” “feminine,” and “androgynous” to illustrate that gender is how we perform our sex and sexuality, and not sex itself. If it asks marital status, add in “Domestic Partners.” Even if you don’t need the extra options, others do.
13. Write positive letters to the editor. It’s surprising how fast you can whip out a 200 word letter to your local paper thanking them for featuring a female columnist or journalist, covering women’s activities positively, or showing an advertisement that supports or empowers women. Editors listen, and this encourages them to continue or increase the positive things they’re doing.
14. Ask questions. Ask your employer, or a company with whom you’re interviewing, their policy on prescription birth control, same-sex partner benefits, coverage of mammograms and annual wellness exams, and childcare support systems. Even if the issues don’t directly affect you, your asking reminds others there is a concern about these things.
15. Say what you actually think. Yes, this is a tough one sometimes, but highly effective. Add to the conversation what you think, not what you feel others want to hear. It will increase the richness of the conversation, as well as impact other people because more than likely, someone else in the room will agree with you and feel empowered to speak their mind too.
Jaymi Heimbuch is the founder and editor of and Girlistic Magazine, a free online quarterly feminist magazine and resource website