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Choosing a Formal Dress to Suit your Figure

Your prom, ball or formal event is the place for you to shine. Every woman wants to look her best, and the way to do this is to make sure that you select a dress that complements your figure type. Each figure type has features that you will wish to emphasize.We can all think of times when we've seen other people wearing formal dresses that don't suit their figure. Don't let this happen to you on your big night: use this guide to choose a dress style that will flatter you and bring out the prom queen in you!What is your figure type?Tall and slimYou are 170cm or taller. You are generally slender and gently curved. Your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width. You have an average sized bust.The goal is to emphasize your long legs and accent your curves.The following dress styles will look best on you: Empire, Sheath, Princess Gown, A-LineIf you desire the appearance of a fuller chest, try an empire style dress. Transform your body into a feminine hourglass by adding detail at the waistline (a belt, ribbons, ruching, or darts). If you need to add fullness to your slender figure, try a princess skirt or an A-line dress. A dress with patterns or elaborate beading can help break your long line and add more definition to your shape. A sheath dress looks fabulous and flows nicely on your long silhouette. Try a body hugging dress that emphasises your subtle curves. Look for one with a slit to reveal your long legs. An open neckline, a cutout back or a plunging V-neck also works for you.Pear shapeYou are either short or tall and you are bottom heavy. Your hips, bottom and thighs are larger than your upper body.Make the most of your best assets which are your arms, neck and bust. The following dress styles will look best on you: Empire, Princess Gown, A-LineChoose dresses that emphasise the bodice and loosely flow over the body. Strapless bodices are the best choice for your figure. Choose either empire, A-line, or ball gown and if possible choose a strapless bustier or a halter with a round neckline.Hour glassYou are either short or tall and have a medium to large bust. You are curvy especially around the hips and bottom and you have a smallish waist. This is is smaller than your shoulders/bust and hips. Celebrity examples include 'Beyonce' and 'Salma Hayek'.If you have this figure type, your goal is to show off your curves.The following dress styles will look best on you: Sheath, Princess Gown, A-LineTry a fitted sheath dress either plain or embellished and this will show off your curves. If you have generous hips look for an A-line ball gown which will flatter your lower half. A strapless bodice that is beaded or embroidered at the bust is especially good as it draws attention upward. Also great are corset bodices that will give you a cinched waist.Apple shapeYou are either short or tall. You have a heavier mid-section than the rest of your body. You are thick-waisted or you have an rounded or prominent tummy.Your goal is to slim and lengthen your body.The following dress styles will look best on you: Empire, A-LineEmpire dresses look great on your type of figure. The high waist detracts from your tummy and lengthens your overall figure. If you choose an A-line gown, it is best that you choose a bodice with boning for a slimming effect.Large bustYou are either short or tall and have a C-cup or bigger.You should aim to subtly emphasize your bust line whilst ensuring support.The following dress styles will look best on you: Princess Gown, A-Line, HalterIt's best to go for something with straps as this will hold bust in place and if you choose an A-line or princess style gown it's advisable to select a corset type bodice for added support. Halter gowns with good coverage will flatter your bust-line without showing too much cleavage and with halter necks you can adjust it to get the support you might need. Another way to detract from bust area is to wear a dress that has details like beading or embroidery on the lower skirt or hemline.Small bustYou are either short or tall and have an A-cup or smaller.You should aim to emphasize your subtle curves.The following dress styles will look best on you: Empire, Princess Gown, A-LineAn Empire style is the best by far for you and even better if the bodice/bust area is ruched, beaded, embroidered or has ruffles. This will give the illusion of you having a fuller bust. A strapless bodice in a ball gown is fine, but it will need to be very well fitted to your figure.Plus-size/full figuredYou are either short or tall and have a large bust. You have a large frame with 'Rubenesque', voluptuous curves.The goal is to support your bust, whilst showing your curves to best advantage.The following dress styles will look best on you: Empire, Princess Gown, A-LineIf you've got a large bust it might be best to avoid spaghetti strap dresses as they don't offer much support. V-neck, sweetheart and round bustlines are excellent for you. Go for thick straps and halter tops.Look for an A-line gown that gives shape to the waist and then flows over the lower body. Corset tops/waists will pull you in and shape your body. Also consider buying a two piece ball outfit, so that the top can give some coverage over the tummy and possibly bottom. ConclusionEvery woman is different, but with the right choice of formal dress, everyone can look their best.